Music is getting more and more like dubstep on youtube. It just goes to say how many people want to hear dubstep and EDM tracks. Youtube is filled with many channels that output many nice EDM tracks. However, most of the larger, already famous channels clog up the much needed space for smaller music youtubers.

Only some small youtubers can escape this “fame barrier” with the support of their fans. One such youtuber is Destineon. He makes music that is very inspiring and he is just starting out. With support from people like you, he can become popular and let the world know about his amazing music. He is a very dedicated youtuber and will supply new content ASAP to his subscribers and viewers.

Now for my cheesy part. Go check him out on his youtube channel, Destineon, and subscribe and give him some likes (I personally would watch his Honest Remix – Chainsmokers as it is very good.)

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